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(76.5) Special Announcement!

Mathew Kerbis, The Subscription Attorney

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Hi, this is Mathew Kerbis. I'm The Subscription Attorney, and this is a special episode of Law Subscribed, where I'm sharing something very exciting. For those of you who are watching the video, which you can by subscribing for free at, or you could subscribe as a paid subscriber and support the show, you'll see the video.

This is my law firm background that I use. And the reason is because I'm very excited to announce that I'm making my first hire, and that is, a legal extern. When I was thinking about, what makes the most sense for me to finally start working with somebody else?

Well, I'm gonna have to do a lot of teaching and educating about the way things are done with my law practice, leveraging GenAI and automation tools, and I'm gonna have to do so much teaching that I'm pretty sure it's going to qualify for an externship for law schools.

You might be wondering, well, why an extern? Well, because whenever I start working with somebody else for my practice, I do things so differently that I'm going to have to educate this person on how I do what I do ways to leverage AI, GenAI and automations to streamline the practice.

And I have a lot of ideas and frankly, I'm just not able to do them all on my own, but I still want them done in the way that I want to do them. I'm going to be doing so much teaching to this first hire that I thought an externship was going to make a lot of sense because I'm fairly confident that I will be able to comply with most externship program requirements so that the law students get credit.

If you are a law student and you're listening to this or this was shared with you please go to Yes, that's right. I got the domain. That's how seriously I take this. I got the domain to, which you could go to now. It explains the broad scope of what the externship is going to be about, and I'll just read it for the podcast listeners right now:

“Subscription Attorney LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of its new legal externship program.

This fully remote externship offers a unique opportunity to gain experience using artificial intelligence for substantive legal work with a national award-winning attorney.

Externs must know or quickly learn how to utilize legal-specific and general AI tools including ethical considerations and best practices for incorporating AI into a legal practice.

Externs will also learn about the business and operations of running a subscription-based law firm, including gating insights into client development and practice management.

Key learning outcomes include readiness to practice law using AI and emerging technologies, and hands on experience in managing a solo practice virtual law firm.”

So with that, if you're a law student, please go to and fill out your information. And if you're a law school and you want me included in your field placement program materials for your students, there's a form for you to fill out on there too.

So just to get started, I'm only looking to start with one extern. But externships, by their nature, are semester to semester. So, I'll expect to have three externs throughout the year. One for each semester, including during the summertime.

And then moving forward I might take on more than one extern at a time. We'll see how it goes. The goal is baby steps here. I want to make sure this is done right. If you want to be the first law student who gets this opportunity again, one last time, And please share this with law schools, share this with law students so that I can make sure that I'm getting the best candidates that apply.

Thank you very much. And back to your regular scheduled programming on Law Subscribed tomorrow.

Check out my new show, the Law for Kids Podcast.

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